Thursday, January 27, 2011

Asian Junior Team Squash Championships 2011 - Colombo, Sri Lanka

Results of the above event! Keep to this posting for daily updates...

1st day
Boys lost japan 0-3
Boys beat Iran 2-1
Girls lost HK 0-3

2nd day
Girls beat japan 2-1
Boys beat Jordan 2-1

Girls beat Iran 3-0 .Progress to Semis, cross over to play Malaysia tmr
Boys lost India 0-3

3rd day
Boys lost HK 1-2

Boys lost Kumwait 1-2, overall 8th position
Girls lost Malaysia 0-2, overall 3rd/4th postioin

Final results can be viewed -----> HERE.

Please click below for the team grouping.

Girls Pool / Overall Pool Results
Our players - Mao Shi Hui, Mao Shi Yuan, Sherilyn Yang, Myra Kheng

Boys Pool / Overall Pool Results
Our players - Timothy Soh, Pang Ka Hoe, Pang Ka Wai, William Oon

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