Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Junior Technical Officiating Programme (Referee Course for Schools)

To all Students (Secondary to Junior Colleges)

Pls refer to the extract below. If you are keen, pls approach your Squash Teacher in Charge to express your interest. Submission is through the school only.
Dateline 4th March 2011
This year, CCAB and Singapore Sports Council (SSC) are organising the Squash Referee course in March 2011. Successful completion of the Programme will lead to the achievement of the Sports Umpire Award (SUA) and bonus CCA leadership points as an incentive......

The Junior Technical Officiating Programme (JTOP) is a leadership development programme to encourage students to develop interest and skills to serve the school and sports community in the area of officiating.

Through this programme, students will be equipped with the basic knowledge of umpiring Intra- and Inter-School Sports Competitions as well as opportunities to officiate at sports carnivals, mini and junior tournaments organised by the Singapore Squash Rackets Association (SSRA).

Note: Only those who have attended this training or the previous training sessions will be allowed to referee/umpire for the above competition.

The programme consists of two modules:
Module A:
This module is a theory programme that consists of general principles of officiating which will be covered by the CCAB; while the sports specific officiating topics will be conducted by SSRA:
0900    General principles of officiating - Ethics of officiating and responsibilities of referees
1115    Referee Pathway     
1130    Introduction to refereeing (Rules to Singles Game)
1200    Basic Terms and Guidelines (Theory and practice)
1300    Lunch 
1400    Basic Terms and Guidelines (Theory and practice)
The 3 referee system (current practice)
1450    Pre-test revision
1500    Test
1600    Break
1615    Practical
1800    End of Programme

Module B:
Upon passing the theory test in Module A, students will have to put into practise the skills they have acquired. They will need to officiate at least 8 hours of practical sessions during the National Inter-Schools Championships 2011 and/or competitions organised by SSRA.

A Sports Umpire Award Certificate of Accomplishment will be awarded to all participants who have successfully completed their module B/ practicum.

Date :                          14th March (Monday)
Time :                          
Venue :                       SCGS Lecture Theatre & Squash Courts
Attire:                         Sports attire, shoes and socks
Things to Bring:       1. Windbreaker
2. Water bottle
3. Stationery
4. Personal sports equipment and gears (e.g. squash racket, protective eyewear etc)

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