Friday, February 18, 2011

Masonry National Squash Championships 2011 Entry - CLOSED

Thank you all for your keen interest to particiapte in the above event. Entries for the event has officially closed. We would only be taking in wildcard entries as of today.

Response has been very encouraging.
The biggest category so far goes to......

The Under 15 boys comprising of 49 players.

Do check on this site for the fixtures to be done up by the 28th Feb 4th March.

I do like to stress again that if payment is made on the match day itself, you would have to make payment of $40 per category, equivalent to a wildcard entry fee.

We would like to seek your cooperation to ensure a smooth running of the event.

Velocity Novena Square would be hosting the 4 sided glass court for the later rounds of selected categories.

Stay tuned.


  1. wow such a large category for U15 Boys! 49 players!

  2. Some seeding don't look right. BU19, Tim Leong (A2) below Darren Kwee (C1). BU17, Ka Wai and William Oon both B1 below Royston (C1) BU15, Jeremy Goh (E1) below Brandon Tan (NG) and Man Chin (NG).