Friday, March 4, 2011

Fixtures are out!

Thank you all for your patience. The fixture for the Masonry National Squash Championships 2011 is out. Please download the fixture from the top right column of the blog.

Things to look out for in the fixtures:
  • Colour Coding of the matches
    - non coloured (Best of 5)
    - Yellow (Best of 3)
  • Please check your match date and timing as stipulated.
Rules (I stress again):
According to the Championship rules (If you did not know, its page 2 of your entry form)

Rule 6.
Should a player participate in 2 categories, he/she will have to accept playing both matches according to the schedule. Refer to rule 10.
Rule 10.
There shall be NO postponement of matches.
Rule 13. 
The entry fee must be paid to the Association by the closing date for entries. Payment made on the day of the tournament will be equivalent to a wild card entry fee. The organizer reserves the right to reject an entry if the entry fee is not received before championship closing date.
So.... if you have not made any payment................... (To be continued...)

Your T shirt to be collected and worn (Before ironing):

Once again, I seek your fullest cooperation and support for this event.
Have fun at Kallang and Velocity!


  1. thank you so much for understanding my rushed situation on friday and allowing me to play a earler! really really appreciate it! :)