Saturday, March 12, 2011

Masonry National at VELOCITY - Day 1

Fixtures will be updated everyday at 12 Midnight. Pls download them for your reference on the right.

At Velocity Novena Square, Shoppers' are entitled to try out the glass court when they spend $50 or more. Check out the link here to find out more.
Hence, shoppers' try outs take place every 1st 30mins of each hour, IN the GLASS COURT.

Shopper who used to play Squash!
Siblings hitting around
Players of Masonry National are welcome to try out the glass court at Velocity Novena Square at the following time slots and price:

For the period (12th - 20th March)

Everyday from 12pm - 7pm (2nd 30 mins of each hour)

E.g. 1230, 1330, 1430, ... 1830.
Every player / pair will be entitled to 20mins sparring time
Pricing: FOC

Everyday from 7pm - 10pm
E.g. 1900, 1930, 2000, ...2130
Pricing: $10 per 30mins slot

*Pls note that the court bookings are subjected to court availability.
 (Refer to Velocity match schedule below to see the empty slots)

Make your bookings early through me! There are not many slots left...
Benson (98230541)

Schedule for matches and try out slots at VELOCITY!
Download here - As of 13th Mar 10.45pm

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