Sunday, March 13, 2011

Masonry National - Day 2!

Today, we witnessed the concluding matches of the Mixed Under 9, Girls Under 11 and the Boys Under 11 categories.

At Velocity, it was heartening to see the young players battle it out in the Glass court. No matter what the outcome, at the end of the day, it was SQUASH that came up tops. Passer bys were inquisitive and delighted by the meer fact that little young players were able to conduct themselves well in a good postive sporting manner.

Values, sportsmanship, fighting spirit... nothing like the good old school days.
Getting emo here...

ANYWAY, some snippets of the matches played at Velocity today.

BU11 3rd/4th Placing

Masked Super Heroes - Bubble Bee and Lady Bug

GU17 Quarters
Mini Squash Try outs

Go to this link for more photos for the day...

 By the way, not many slots left for trying out the courts. I have uploaded the schedule on the right column.

Day 3, here I come......

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