Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Masonry National Fixtures REVISED - 8th March

Dear all,

The fixtures have been revised as of today 8th March 6.30pm.

Pls download the fixtures once again to CHECK if your match timing has been affected.
Sorry for the inconvenience caused!

Players, pls be reminded that you are REQUIRED to put on the TOURNAMENT TEE should you advance to the semis or finals.

Thank you!


  1. Congrats on the great idea to play some matches at Velocity. Secondly, you might want to reconsider some of the seedings. Most notably are as mentioned below. BU19, Tim Leong (A2) is below Darren Kwee (C1). BU17. Ka Wai (B1) and William Oon (B1) are seeded below Royston (C1) and Benjamin Sim (C1) respectively. BU15, Jeremy Goh (E1) is seeded below Man Chin (NG) and Brandon Tan (NG or F2). Don't seem consistent to me.

  2. Hi Anonymous,
    Being a squash player myself it doesn't really matter where you are place on the seed list. The ultimate objective is to be able to play your match well and prove your worth in this nationals. If a person from higher grade is seeded below someone who is of a lower grade, that just goes to show that he has not proved himself consistently enough to make an impression. As such he should work harder and not be fussing about this minor issues.
    May the best player win and hope that he can take the matter into perspective and better himself.

    ~Trust yourself to do better then others

  3. Hi "Trust yourself to do better then others",
    Thanks for sharing your views on this issue. Unfortunately, I find your arguments to be flawed and unconvincing. The primary objective of proper seeding is to ensure that the competition is credible and fair. This means the two best players, if they play to form, should only meet in the final, the top 4 players should compete in the semi and so on and forth. Otherwise, what's the point of having a seeding system if there is no intention to conduct it in an appropriate manner. To take it to the extreme, if there is no proper seeding, due to some stroke of misfortune,imagine Ramy Ashour meeting Nick Matthew in the first round of the World Open. It would be ridiculous, right? So, the onus is on the organiser to conduct a proper seeding system to protect the integrity of the tournament. Otherwise, the organiser may be deemed to either incompetent, bias or worse, both and the competition worthless. Just sharing my two cents worth of views.

  4. There also seems to be some inconsistency in the seedings. For example, Player A is seeded above Player B in one category but Player B is seeded above Player A in another category.