Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Buff Invitational Squash Open 2011 - Final results

Dear all,

Final results for the tournament.

Final Results (Click to download)

Do check out the facebook page "Buff Invitational Squash Open 2011" for updates on events and fixtures.

Thank you everyone for making this event a success. We will see you next year.


  1. Could you please check the ladies premiere fixtures. Coz when I click on it, the mens premiere fixtures appears instead of ladies. Thanks.

  2. Hi,you are right. I have thus made the amendment. Thanks for the heads up.

  3. Can't get to the fixtures - all the links just go round and round but no fixtures.

  4. Where is the results for the BUFF's tournament? There's a tendency that the final results are not published or updated for most of the tournaments. There's been so much publicity leading to the tournaments and it would be a shame without the giving the final outcome.

  5. Guys, why not give these guys a break.
    I think they r doing a great job and there's
    been so Much more publicity than before. Chill