Tuesday, December 27, 2011

National Squash League 2012

YES it is the time of the year again where you suit up and get cracking for WAR friendly games!
In case you have not received our email blast regarding the NSL registration details, you may click here to check out the requirements.

Do note that this is a TEAM event, therefore, to participate you have to either...

  • Form your own team of players for a particular grade or more and get affiliated with SSRA
  • Get yourself involved in a local squash club and compete your way into their main teams of different grades to represent them!
You may download here to view the squash clubs in Singapore who participated in 2011. There were a total of 101 teams!

To find out what NSL 2011 was like, check out NSL 2011 happenings and final results.

Still lost? Call us at 63455675, we will be there to answer your queries.

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  1. oh.. its a great surprise... i think friendly games are very enjoyable for local people.