Sunday, January 22, 2012

Masonry Singapore Closed 2012 Fixtures

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Final results! (Click to download)
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Date: 21st January
Venue: Kallang Squash Centre.
Finals for the Masonry Singapore Closed Squash Championships
The Women's Open finals will commence at 4.45pm.
The Men's Open finals will commence at 5.30pm.

Some updates:

SSRA is currently in the final stages of completing a ranking system that would be used to rank all participants in a particular period (12 months). Thanks to Mr Shawn Loh (former national junior trainee), currently a committee member of SSRA, he has painstakingly programmed a ranking system customized to our calendar of events.

This ranking system would then be used for more accurate seeding of players over the course of a year as well as for the use of national representation selection.

It is vital that all participating clubs who organizes tournaments to be in line with SSRA ranking system guidelines so as to create the best possible ranking outcome for the whole fraternity.

More would be revealed to the fraternity in due course.

SSRA would be using the above event as a beta testing sample.


  1. This new ranking system. How does it work exactly? Different from the old grading system I hope. Darth Vader here!

  2. Hmm...should listen sometimes Michael Tan.