Wednesday, October 10, 2012

National Training Selection - 1 Nov 2012

Once again, it is time for the new selection of the National Training and Development Squad. If you are up for it, gear yourself up for the selection trials! Details as follow.

Date: 1 Nov 2012, Thursday
Time: 4-6pm
Age Group: 11 to 14 (Pri 5 to Sec 2) in 2012
Selectors: Sandra Wu, Vivian Rhamanan

1. Trainees will be expected to go through a typical training session on Drills, Condition Games, Matches & PT
2. Q&A on National Squad
3. Come in squash attire and squash gears
4. Primary school students must be accompanied by parents

Upon Being Selected & Other Matters
1. Trainees are expected to:
a. Start training on 5 Nov 2012
b. To join training camp starting from 19 Nov, which will have 7 training sessions per week
c. Join KL Junior Open from 12-16 Dec
d. Join BUFF Singapore Squash Championship, 19-23 Dec
e. Go through a 2-month probation period from Nov to Dec 2012

2. Yearly Program
a. Jan to Aug - Normal Training. June Training Camp
b. Mid-Aug to Mid-Sept - Training Slowdown
c. Mid-Sept to Mid-Oct - No Training. Stopped for Exams
d. Mid-Oct to Mid-Nov - Normal Training
e. Mid-Nov to End Dec - Training Camp
f. End Dec - No Training. Christmas Break

3. Expectation of Trainees
a. To be committed to training for Full Calendar year.
b. Trainees who dropped out halfway through will not be considered to rejoin the squad in future.
c. Players' review will be done at the end of each year for promotion to better squad or to be dropped from the squad.

4. Typical Weekly Training Schedule
Mon, Tue, Thu, 4-6pm: Court session
Sat, 8-10am: Track

5. Yearly Competitions
Jan - Singapore Closed
Mar - Singapore Nationals
Mar - Junior Circuit (Malaysia)
May - Milo All Star (Malaysia)
Jun - Penang Junior Open (Penang)
Jun/Jul - Singapore Individual Graded Tournament
Aug - HK Junior Open or Indian Junior Open (Optional)
Dec - KL Junior Open
Dec - BUFF Singapore Squash Championship

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