Friday, April 5, 2013

MARCUS PHUA in the news

Following up on the TODAY’s newspaper article on PEAK (Programme for Elite Athletes in KPMG) two weeks ago, we shine our spotlight on Marcus Phua, the Singapore No.1 squash player. The PEAK athlete shares with us his passion for the fast-paced sport.

Audit Associate Marcus Phua used to watch his father play squash with his friends on weekends. And when the adults were cooling off, the 10 year-old would pick up a racket and fool around with it. This sparked off his life-long love affair with the sport that Forbes magazine named as the world’s healthiest sport.

The 24-year-old has been on the national squash team since he was selected in Primary 5 to represent Singapore in an overseas competition as a junior player. Last year, Marcus won the national squash competition for men and has donned the national colours in various squash tournaments in Malaysia, Hong Kong, New Zealand, India, Pakistan and Kuwait.

Marcus loves squash because of it’s a high-intensity and fast-paced sport that forces the player to think and react quickly and constantly on how to move his opponents around. The mental and physical demands of playing in a confined space make it particularly exciting and challenging. He added:”Squash has taught me things like determination, putting in hard work and how to stay composed in high-pressure situations. It has certainly made me mentally stronger.”

Marcus appreciates the support given by the firm while he pursues his passion. He said: “PEAK helps me to continue playing and allows me time-off to participate in overseas competitions if I’m selected to represent the country. So I’m very thankful to be on this programme and be given this opportunity.”

As for the future, he sees himself playing the role of a mentor to younger players. He’ll like to share his experience with the younger players.

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