Wednesday, June 5, 2013

FOOD FOR THOUGHTS: Views of a fellow Squasher on recent closure of Squash Facilities - Mr. Zahiri Mohd Hassan

It is with deep distress and dismay that I received the news of this (in April 2013) from the squash players of Temasek Polytechnic. They had announced that with the massive renovation works going on at the institution, that in the blueprint of the works, is the total removal of the remaining 2 squash courts (reduced from 5 a couple of years back to make way for a store room and a dance studio). In their place will be an expanded gymnasium.

The team had been advised to look for alternative venues to train.

To me, this spells the end of squash for the polytechnic, and an outright statement of the low priority given to the sport, although the team has been performing respectably in the inter polytechnic games.

I invite views from members of the public, especially the squash fraternity here.

At a time when squash is facing a resurgence in Singapore and other educational institutions (like Singapore Polytechnic and Ngee Ann Polytechnic) looking to increase the number of squash courts on their campuses, I find this move of Temasek Polytechnic, extremely perplexing.  The players feel powerless in the face of bureaucracy and are too resigned to their fate to even put up any protest to this decision.

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