Friday, December 4, 2015

National Squash League 2016 - Registration is now OPEN

Dear Squash Clubs,

Thank you for your responses on the survey feedback and grade appeal submissions.

Please refer to the NSL tab for the final grading list as of 1 Dec (With grade appeals revision).
- Grade re-appeals are not included due to time constraints.

Survey Feedback

Based on the survey feedback, there will be NO changes to the format and category of NSL 2016.

Grade Appeals

Appeals have been thoroughly studied during the coordinators' meeting with the following Club representatives present:

·    New Pioneers
·    SAFRA
·    UCSC
·    Singapore Cricket Club
·    National Coaching Chairman
·    NSL 2015 Grade Coordinators

General feedback:

  • Career/work commitments should not be reasons offered for downgrades. 
  • Poor fitness does not warrant a downgrade. However, age of the player may be taken into consideration. 
  • Injuries may NOT be considered for downgrades. Injured players are highly encouraged to rest and recover, or play socially.


  • Kindly ensure that you read through the Bye-Laws as there have been various amendments made to reflect the proper interpretation of the various points. 
  • Claims that such amendments were overlooked, will not be entertained during league appeal submissions.

Registration materials

 We now invite all clubs/teams to register using the forms in the NSL Tab:

1.  Club and Individual SSRA membership forms (Bulk sign ups)
- To be eligible to participate in NSL

2.  Team form submission (For each grade/team)
- Softcopy required from Clubs for submission
- Please DO NOT PDF your submissions.

3.  The above mentioned documents and other materials (stated below) can also be found in the NSL Tab
- Score sheet
- Score card

4.  Submit to /
- Deadline for submission: 28 Dec 2015

Scheduled Time line

28 Dec - Deadline for NSL 2016 submission with payment
15 Jan - Fixtures released
15 Feb - Commencement of NSL 2016

Thank you for your attention and we and look forward to your timely submissions.

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